Developing comprehensive solutions boosting national employment and serving the needs and aspirations of all players on the Labor market.


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About us
Takamol Holding is a government owned private company that develops comprehensive solutions boosting national employment and serving the needs and aspirations of all players on the Labor market.
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Through innovation, ideation and enabling sustainable solutions, Takamol acts as the empowering arm of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in order to build a sustainable Labor market for today and tomorrow.
Partnership with
Public and Private

Takamol Holding works with a community of private and public institutions under the wing of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development (known as MLSD+). Our short and long term objectives, activities and goals drive to improve the Saudi labor market with all of its diverse partners.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently revealed the national 2030 vision with strong consideration to economic diversification and reform within the Saudi economy, labor market, educational system, Government services, as well as focusing on policies, systems and support for SMEs. As a primary contributor to the Saudi labor market, Takamol has an active role to play in supporting the implementation and achievement of many of the programs outlined within the 2030 vision.
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To be the agent of change that drives socio-economic growth and development in the Saudi Labor Market
We facilitate partnerships between the public and private sector to develop sustainable solutions that enable socio-economic development and value creation in the Saudi Labor Market
  • Cooperation
  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Citizen-centricity
  • Independency
  • Pro-activeness
Takamol Holding Business Lines
Takamol Holding drives its goals through five structural business lines, where each business line serves key labor market needs, our business lines comprise of:
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Saudi Employment Business Line

At the center of Takamol’s core objectives is to create job opportunities as well as offering employment services to Saudis in the labor market, including, but not limited to Saudi Staff Leasing, Telework, Child Care, EdCo (Education Staff Company), NSI (Nationalize through Social Investment) and Inspection Management System (IMS)/ComCo.

Government Enablement Business Line

This line is dedicated to monitoring and organizing expat labor needs and offering them employment services. This includes Loaning Foreign Residents, Working in Saudi Arabia, Musaned, Ajeer, Wafed and Accessing Visa Search Engine.

Up-skilling Business Line

Doroob is the essential program in Up-skilling Business Line. Doroob acts as an online eLearning platform, which is a national program that aims at increasing Saudi employability, whereby it provides an ecosystem of content, support, skills certification, up-skilling options and quality assurance in the labor market. Doroob provides key integrated services with an objective to assist youth, job seekers, employees, and employers through E-learning, Blended Learning, Structured On-The-Job Training and Certifications.

Employer Engagement Business Line

Offering end-to-end business services at different stages, this line drives to eliminate obstacles and create opportunities for the needs of small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, startups and existing businesses by offering improvement and growth services in every step of their lifecycle.

Social Development Business Line



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Takamol Holding drives to attract top talent from across the kingdom, within the private and public sectors, who are the driving force behind what the Company does. Takamol fosters a results based environment that is characterized by speed, quality and creativity.
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